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Become an RMF Entertainer

Riverwalk Market Fair is more than just a weekly market. Every summer Saturday, we create an outdoor festival atmosphere that attracts visitors of all ages. We invite entertainers, musicians, bands, street performers, and so much more to join us and make our market vibrant and exciting. Our goal is to celebrate the arts, culture and agriculture of our community, and we love supporting local talent in any way we can.

 We want this event to be inviting and welcoming to Northfielders as well as visitors from surrounding communities and beyond.


If you wish to perform at RMF, we will help coordinate your performances and include you in our marketing.


RMF pays $50 for an individual performer or $100 for groups of 2 or more.  You will also be able to sell CDs of your music and / or accept voluntary payment from our patrons. We strongly prefer that the musical entertainment use amplification.  


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